Wine Excel has two modern and highly efficient bottling lines with a capacity of approximately 12,000 (0.75 ltr) bottles per hour. In six steps the desired result is achieved:

1. The bottles are set up and rinsed

2. The bottles are filled with vacuum fillers (to fill each bottle at the same level of wine)

3. The bottles are carefully closed with the desired type of closure

4. The bottles are labelled

5. The bottles are placed in the carton of choice

6. The cartons are stacked on a pallet and are ready for departure

In addition to these two bottle lines, Wine Excel also has a separate KeyKeg line that perfectly fills these lightweight kegs. KeyKeg is widely used in the catering industry, for the draft installation. More information about the KeyKeg on the KeyKeg page.
Wine Excel has the capacity to store nearly 1 million liters of wine in its stainless steel tanks. There are different sizes of tanks available, with a capacity between 5,000 to 28,000 liters per tank.