Wine Excel has recently gone through an audit for the BRC standards, issue 8, where Wine Excel has achieved the highest possible outcome - the AA level.

On the 5th and 6th of March, Wine Excel was audited by Lloyd’s Register Nederland B.V. for the BRC certificate. This was a re-audit, where Wine Excel was examined based on the newest version of the BRC standards, issue 8. Last year Wine Excel was certified by BRC issue 7 with AA status.


BRC Issue 8

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety was founded by British Retail Consortium (BRC) and offers a certificate schedule to manage the production process of food and beverages, logistics and transport. The BRC certificate confirms that the process is handled accordingly. With the new Issue 8, some amendments were made where the risk analysis has become more important.



Wine Excel is strongly focused on the quality and food safety of its products and keeps a keen eye on the entire process from vinification to transport and storage. Of course, the bottling process is also in accordance of the (inter)national standards and HACCP guidelines. Next to BRC Issue 8, Wine Excel is also IFS Food 6.0 Higher Level and Skal certified.


Wine Excel

Wine Excel B.V. (founded in July 2001) is a wine bottling facility specialized in sourcing, bottling and selling wines. Wine Excel is part of the French concern InVivo Wine, a big international party in the wine industry with a wide selection of quality wines for all market segments. Wine Excel bottles nearly 40 million of bottles annually, for the on trade and off trade markets worldwide.


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