The Baarsma Wine Group is organised into a Holding Company and Business Units. While the Holding Company focuses on M&A, strategic management and monitoring of the Group's business activities, the Business Units work independent and are responsible for all activities in their respective market segments.

 Since early July 2017, the Baarsma Wine Group belongs to the French cooperation InVivo.

About InVivo Wine

InVivo Wine was founded in June 2015, as the fourth pillar of InVivo, the leading French agri group. The division consists of a group of partners, investors and suppliers, including the first French wine cooperative Vinadeis (€ 308 million turnover), the Bordeaux companies Cordier and Mestrezat Grand Crus (€ 40 million turnover) and 23 members of cooperatives (3500 wine producers) . Together they represent a wine producing area of 25,000 hectares, including the regions of Bordeaux, southwest of France, Languedoc and Rousillon, the Rhône Valley and Beaujolais. Together good for producing more than 1.3 hectoliters of the best wines. Main goals for the division: Building an unique global wine distributor - from all renowned regions - to countries that consume top wines.

About InVivo

The InVivo group represents 220 cooperatives, has 9,200 employees in 31 countries and operates in four divisions: Agriculture (Seeds, Agricultural Products, International Grain Trade), Animal Food and Welfare, Retail and Wine. In 2015-2016 the group reported a turnover of € 6.4 billion.




This Business Unit is the leading contemporary UK wine merchant, supplying fine wines from the world’s best winemakers to private individuals, top trade.

Baarsma Wines

This Business Unit is market leader in the Dutch off-trade, focused on supermarkets. Baarsma Wines also focuses on export, with their own specialized export department. The wide portfolio of international brands, private labels and innovative concepts makes it possible to offer a complete assortment to its trade partners.

Baarsma South Africa

The buying and sales office in South-Africa.

Hasselt Millesime

This Business Unit focuses on the Business-to-Business segment for the on-trade and liquor stores in the Belgian market. Hasselt Millesime is known for its long history in the Belgian market, the flexibility in service and the balanced portfolio of high end brands.


Chateau de la Tulipe

This Business Unit markets the famous wine brands introduced by Ilja Gort in the Netherlands. Well known is the brand La Tulipe, with a portfolio of awarded French wines available in retail, on-trade and B2C.


Oud Reuchlin & Boelen

Founded in 1733 Oud Reuchlin and Boelen is the oldest and one of the biggest importers of quality wines in The Netherlands. Focusing on the horeca segment and the liquior stores, this company is known for its broad premium portfolio and long history in the Dutch wine market.



Founded in 1886, this Business Unit is one of the leading wine companies in the Swiss market. The wide portfolio of Rutishauser also includes the specialized new-world and Italian wine portfolio’s of daughter companies Barossa and Barisi, making it possible to offer a very complete assortment to all her trade partners in the retail, specialists and on-trade sales channels as well as direct consumer sales in the Swiss market.